Our basic, how-to book!  First published in 1997 as an aid for teaching our classes (we were tired of repeating ourselves) it contains everything a student would have gotten in approximately ten classes–and then some. It is soft cover,54 pages and size is 8 1/2” by 11”.
We Believe:

         Rule # 1-"This is supposed to be fun, if it’s not, you’re probably doing something wrong”  

         Rule #2- " Always make it look like you meant to do that"

         Rule # 3-"You can fix it – no matter what!"

            Rule #4-"Always read ALL of the instructions first"


            The book  contains some leather identification, introduction to the cutting, stitching and to the tools for  working deer and elk hide, as well as the handling and properties of those leathers.    

    It also contains instructions for a simple shirt and  how to convert a commercial pants pattern. The idea being, with this book and one of our Moccasin Patterns, anybody can dress themselves in  a good starter suit of buckskins!

   In the back of the book is a workbook section: pages that can be copied to allow a novice to design their own next project – and there are many sketches included.


Check (clearance time required), money order or call with charge card.                                                                                      Include Shipping: $2.00


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