The Secret People


Far-Far Shooter   Tehan-Tehan Wao'  $190.00  4mm-0315 Never-Hears-No-To'hanni-sni Nah'on SOLD Hiya $190.003mm-06-14 Flying Squirrel   Kinyan Hetka'la  $190.00 4mm-0215 Ghost Feather   Wanagi Wiyaka  
Full Buckskin outfit with Pendleton Wool Loincloth. Gun is 1853 Enfield minature - metal. Antique bead necklace Hand dyed & beaded pattern on dress and moccasins. She carries a braided horse rope. Buckskin shirt and Deer Suede skirt, fringed moccasin. Lots of beads $190.00          MM 02-16
He wears a headress of pheasant feathers and mink SOLD  She has a beaded Possible Bag for her catch and a leather net  
She-HurrySlowly Ina'hni-Iwa'stela  $190.00 4mm-0415 Wolf Moon       Caksi'-Hanhe'pi-wi   $190.00 4mm-0115 Red Horse  

Luta Sunkawakan

$190.00      MM 01-16
Dress all beaded and Breastplate of antique bugle beads Brain tan leggins, leather loincloth, Deer Suede shirt, all beaded, antique bead necklace, antler hair concho.    
Beaded leather hairpiece with fox fur Rawhide shield with mink & ermine trim, painted with Wolf head, Moon & hailstones Porcelain Doll Redressed in handmade buckskin  $100.00


SOLD  JumpingFox- Psi'caTok'la   $225.00     3mm-06-13 Descrip. below SOLD  Standing Rock-  Ak'icita 'Inyan  $225.00   3mm-06-11 Whistling Dove I'jokiha   Wak'inyela  

Braintan dress, antique  beads,abalone shell trim. Leggin's  & topknot are sheared muskrat fur. She carries a painted rawhide dance fan.   SOLD

 $190.00  3mm-06-12



Beaded on shirt & leggin's. Pendleton Wool double necktie and long loin cloth. He carries a stone warclub. Extra long, old style, beaded war shirt and leggin's. He carries a painted rawhide shield with horse hair drop.    
Secret People

( The Traditional Name) 

These dolls are made to represent the beliefs of  Tribes in three widely spaced areas; Woodlands, Eastern Plains and Central Southeast. The only Tribe for which I have direct testimony is the Absentee Shawnee. 

The legend says, when created, each doll represents a person who has passed to the Otherworld, who will recognize his or her own image. When you have chosen a doll, you should dream of the person to whom it is linked. Many people have recognized a friend or relative doll at first sight. 

The gender of the doll seems not to reflect that of the linked person, more the spirit or personality. A strong willed womanís spirit may link to a warrior doll or a manís spirit to a feminine doll, showing creativity. This is why the dolls have no faces -- in order to be open to all spirits. 

I make no guarantees. I only hope they are found pleasing and good company!  SparrowHawk - Creator               Misty Mountain Babies  

Misty Mountain Babies Story 

Begun in 1985, these dolls have become old friends. They have led to conversations and quality time with two Tribal Chiefs and several Elders over the years and have made me wonder which came first - the faceless Tribal dolls or the Amish ones. Some things, you just canít pin down the cultural source. While we make  several styles and sizes,   we seem to concentrate on the Secret People.

They have taken on a life of their own. 

Our dolls are constructed all of  leather except for stuffing, hardware and occasional trim. They are 13Ē tall and have rotating arms and legs.  There will never be two alike. Each has a code number, comes with a registration certificate and pictures for insurance purposes. The Secret People are tagged with their name in both English and a Native American language. 

They are not suitable as toys due to small parts.

 Dolls are not child proof. 

      These are display items only.    We are not responsible if they are misused in any way!             SparrowHawk - Creator                          Misty Mountain Babies         


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