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Our History

    SparrowHawk is the professional, and Event, name of the woman who has done the leather designing and manufacture since 1977. She is also SparrowHawk Publishing - producing seven original moccasin patterns and a manual for designing/sewing clothing Buckskin Basics and Workbook.

        She and her husband, Gale, have been attending Historical/Costuming gatherings - Black Powder, SCA, Fairs, Pow Wow, SciFi Conventions - for many years, primarily as Merchants. 

    She is of Cherokee, Cree, Shawnee, Irish and Germano-Norse decent so likes to work with many ethnic ideas.

Our Goal

    An addiction for many years to leather and history has resulted in a business we truly enjoy. We are proud to provide the best possible reproduction quality pieces to as many people as we can. We are unimpressed with the quality of the mass-produced leather goods we have found available. Our product will always remain handmade, one piece at a time.


About Us

     We are a service business. All our pieces are hand produced by us, most by custom order, to our extremely picky standards. We use in only the best "buckskin" leather (deer, elk, and sometimes buffalo). We improve on old designs, to make them fit and wear better, and create new ones with an eye to keeping the historical ambiance. Ours are the best around or we will improve them some more!

    Orthopedic considerations: one moc of a pair, large or odd sizes, health issues or special styling is not a problem!


    Contact Information

yatahai@yatahai DOT com                                     

 Telephone: 253-926-1200

anytime to leave a message!

Mailing Address

  YaTaHai Beads and Buckskin

1303 49th Ave. E.

Fife, WA 98424





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