Shirts, Dresses and Pants

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1. Pants - Dusk Deer

Waist 36" - 40" app        Inseam 32"


Pant Adusters Front & Back 

2. River Shirt  White Deer  Mandarin Neckline with "Silver" Buttons, Ermine Tails, Excess Fringe  Up to 44" Chest    $515.00

  3. Tamarack  (Front) Patchwork tunic, Bust up to 40" skirt,pouch,belt and moccasins. $2,200.00

(Back)  Inseam beading in Reds-Red Stripe-Sienna-Lt & Dk Copper on everything. Copper cones for accent Belt Pouch has four pockets inside and one under flap. Solid copper coin button. Fringe at bottom    Tobacco Deerhide  LEATHER IS ACTUALLY RUSTY-ER, DARKER THAN PICTURES APPEAR
Moccasins have the Tamarack piecework on the whole front & novel fringe.  Size 8 Belt is 3" wide and will fit 28"-36" waist or more. Heavy Handmade Italian Bronze Buckle Belt has the same Tamarack piecework all around with some beading

Custom Made Langlitz Overpants Lightly Used,           Excellent Condition.                                                                              (new price $750) $350.00

28" Leg Zipper    ~~~~~~ Motorcycle Pants not manufactured by us.

WE HAVE                  TWO PAIR:  30 X 31                  32x31

1 broken waist snap


Langlitz Motorcycle Overpants    $300.00      

Lightly Used,           Excellent Condition. 32 X 31              10" Leg Zippers


  BACK  Dusk Deer                              Full Beaver Pelt  SOLD 

Beaver Shirt    Size M   $780.00 SOLD 

SLEEVE PendletonWool                               7 1/2 Sections: Inseam Beads  SOLD 

  Apache Punch Shirt  Mahogany & Saddle Deer  Fits up to 42" Bust  SOLD 

Yoke closeup    $425.00    SOLD 

Eagle Wing-large  Choc Deer Body           Black Deer Yoke        Bronze beads on shoulders and around neck            Bust to 44",hem 30"  SOLD




  Wolf Shirt-Fancy  Smoke Deer  Extended bottom for traditional length  SOLD 

Braid trim on shoulders Fringe underarm & shoulders   SOLD 

Rough edge trim around neck           Up to 44" chest -Length 38"  $520.00   SOLD 




 Wi Cinco (Moon Child) Tunic,Skirt,Concho Belt, OtterTailNecktie, Moccasins  SOLD 

 Skirt has diagonal fringe and seam, inseam beading.$2,100.00 SOLD 

Shoulder detail, they have brass buttons as does the belt. All seams are beaded in reds,bronzes. Beads are mix of new & antique.

  "Morning Glory" Dress  SOLD          Sz Med.  $2,300.00

Cherokee/Cree styled strap dress with Plains cape and matching moccasins. Dress is Smoke Deer. Handmade horn buttons on bodice and felt necktie.

Inlay work: Floral pattern is from a Ojibwa beaded bag in the Field Museum, done  in Sapphire blue deer with black embroidery. SOLD 





Lots of inseam beading in indigo,tan and bronze. LOTS of crow& sand beads, brass cones.

Belt is antique bead strip with deer ties and couched seams.

Keltoi (more European styled) in Size 8 with added fringe and matching inlay

   SOLD   Plains T -    his or hers - Saddle Deer -

Fringe for sleevesKeyhole neck - extra fringe around neck       Up to 40" Bust




SOLD "Blue Dancer"Dress  

Back    ~Traditional Styling ~  $2,025.00      



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